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The League

The Delaware Valley Men’s Hockey League (original called Skateland Men’s Hockey) began in 1978 at the Skateland Ice Rink, owned by retired NHL players Eddie Van Impe and André Lacroix. Lou Schiavo and Dave Jones were the original leaders of DVMHL. When Skateland closed its doors, the league moved to Westtown Ice Rink. After a short stretch at Westtown, the league then made the University of Pennsylvania Class of 1923 Ice Rink their home for a few decades, aside from a brief hiatus at the Lafayette Ice Rink in King of Prussia. In 2011, Del Val made its final move to IceWorks Skating Complex in Aston, its current home.


During the latter Penn rink years, Dave Jones turned the league over to Dan Hudyka, who continues to serve as a league leader. In 2013, Dave Humes (veteran of DVMHL since 2006) joined Dan to co-lead the league. Since 1978, DVMHL has overcome many challenges and is now one of the longest running men’s hockey leagues on the east coast. The COVID-19 pandemic and an explosion in youth and girls' hockey has proven to be the most recent challenge to overcome. Traditionally a Sunday afternoon winter league bookended by Halloween and St. Patrick's Day, DVMHL has had to shift its season to run between President's Day and Memorial Day in order to continue as a Sunday league.


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