The League

The Delaware Valley Men’s Hockey League began as Skateland Men’s Hockey in 1978 at the Skateland Ice Rink, owned by retired NHL players Eddie Van Impe and André Lacroix. When the rink closed down two years later the league moved to Westtown Ice Rink in Westtown, PA. 


They ran into another stroke of bad luck when the Westtown rink closed its doors shortly after. The league then made the Class of 1923 Ice Rink their home, and aside from a brief hiatus at the Lafayette Ice Rink in King of Prussia, this is where they stayed until their final move to Aston, PA.


After seven years as an established men’s hockey league, Skateland Men’s Hockey became known as The Delaware Valley Men’s Hockey League and was run by Lou Schiavo and Dave Jones, before being turned over to Danny Hudyka. The league currently operates out of IceWorks Skating Complex in Aston and is run by Dave Humes and Sam Kramen. Click here to read more about the culture of the league.


For the past 37 years DVMHL has overcome many challenges and is now one of the longest running men’s hockey leagues on the east coast.