League Culture

Delaware Valley Men's Hockey League's is a “gentleman’s check” league for A/B/C level players. Though it’s a full contact league, players understand that we all have work and family to get back to after the game, so good discretion is nearly always used when hitting a vulnerable player. For those that get a little too mouthy or chippy with the stick or otherwise play dirty, keep your head up as you will be a target. For players that play a clean game, you have very little to worry about. Skaters range in age from 18 to 60+ with majority of players being in the 20-40 age range.  The talent level ranges from ex-college players down to rusty C-level players still looking to play check hockey and have fun.


Seasons consist of 15 exhibition games (15-min. periods), one round of playoffs, and the championship. The season usually runs from mid-October through mid-March with most games held on Sunday afternoons at IceWorks in Aston, PA. The league will OCCASIONALLY use Saturdays to avoid missing weeks when the rink has a conflict preventing us from playing on a Sunday. We do not play over Thanksgiving weekend or the weekend closest to Christmas. We do usually play on Super Bowl Sunday; however, we select early ice slots to ensure everyone gets to their planned activities. For those players concerned about missing Eagles games, IceWorks has a great bar/restaurant with tons of TV’s, so usually players are able to play their games and miss only a portion of the game. Plus, you’re a hockey player, so get your priorities straight!


We are a 4-team draft league with about 10-13 skaters per team. We draft before the season using a format that ensures parity between teams, so that everyone has a chance to win our league’s huge Cup trophy (names engraved). We try to keep teams to a little more than 2 lines, as that seems to be the preferred amount of ice-time. If we exceed about 14/team, that’s when we’ll consider expanding to 6 teams. Because we’re a tight-knit group of 50 or so players, a lot of players will hang at the rink’s bar/restaurant after games and enjoy the $2 beers that we’re offered as a league special. It’s a league that offers a lot more than other ‘show up, play, go home’ type men’s leagues that play late at night on weeknights.


The cornerstones of the Del Val Men’s League are Sunday afternoon game slots, full contact with discretion, draft league format (no managed teams), and post-game beer. These are the pillars the league was built on, and we intend to always honor those moving forward. We hope to have you skate with us!