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League Rules

Delaware Valley Men’s Hockey League Rules

1. Hockey USA Rules will govern with the exceptions as noted below.

2. Fighting – in addition to penalties assessed by the referee, the following additional penalties will apply:

a.       1st Offense - $25.00 fine and a 1 game suspension.

b.       2nd Offense - $50.00 fine and a 2 game suspension.

c.       3rd Offense – Ejection from the League – no refunds of League fees

A fighting penalty may be called regardless of whether a player drops his gloves if a punch is thrown with determination made by the referee.  A player assessed a fighting penalty will not be allowed to resume play after his suspension until the fine is paid.

3. If a player receives a Game Misconduct, he will be assessed a 1 game suspension.

4. All misconducts and major penalties carry over to the next scheduled game the player is entitled to play.  If the player begins the next scheduled game without finishing his previous penalties, he will be assessed an additional ten minutes from the point that the infraction is noticed.

5. A Match Penalty carries an automatic 3 game suspension and a $50.00 fine.  A second Match Penalty will result in expulsion from the League.

6. After 3 five minute penalties (including fighting majors) during a season, the player will be ejected from the League.

7. Readmission to the League after expulsion in subsequent years will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

8. Any player, because of conduct, may be removed from the League by League Officials.

9. Helmets are mandatory and must be worn at all times while on the ice.  Shields/cages/visors are recommended but not mandatory.

10. There are no timeouts during the regular season games.  Each team will be allowed one timeout during regulation time in the Playoffs and one additional timeout in overtime (if necessary).

11. Non-roster players will be allowed to play on a game by game basis at a cost of $20.00 per game for the first 2 games and $30.00 per game thereafter.

12. Non-roster players will not be allowed to participate in the Playoffs.

13. All rules are subject to change at the discretion of League Officials.

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